Leonard Wheeler

Author / Speaker / Coach


Ever feel like there’s not enough time in the day? It is true that many of us lead busy lives, but we may not always be productive. Balancing work, family, and reserving time for personal and professional improvement can be tricky. Trilucent understands the demands on your time, so we created an innovative approach to coaching, which involves a series of sessions that build on each other. TenTakers™ is not just a concept, it’s a lifestyle change where clients routinely take 10 minutes to be coached or complete coaching assignments at convenient times with a certified Coach. These 10-minute intervals are narrowly focused and create a sense of urgency to make progress toward the goals that matter the most. So whether you have a modest budget, demanding job, various family obligations or other overwhelming responsibilities, becoming a part of the TenTakers™ community is a manageable investment that will change your life for the better.

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Beyond the Locker Room

Developing your game plan for life's transitions